‘A Gateless Garden’ was written for Mafalda Santos to be performed at the Azure Family Foundation’s virtual concert series in Baltimore. Azure Family Foundation’s mission is to bring all styles of music to families with children who have autism or other intellectual disabilities. This is a mission close to my heart, since my aunt has Down’s Syndrome, and I have personally seen the joy that music and dancing has brought her over the years. 

Because of the audience I was engaging with, I wanted to capture the calm atmosphere depicted in the opening words of the poem ‘Journey’ by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I wrote this piece in September when I felt that the beautiful weather in New Jersey echoed these words as well. I feel that in a time of isolation and hardship, it was important to write a piece that highlighted the beauty of being outside and provided a moment of calm for these children and families. We need these moments now more than ever. 

for solo cello (arr. for viola and violin are also available)

Mafalda Santos, cello

​Duration: 4'43"'

A Gateless Garden (2020)