Steven offers both in-person and online lessons in: 

"I have been playing piano for almost 30 years and Steve is by far my favorite piano teacher.  Taking up piano lessons again as an adult, I was mindful to find a teacher who could help me advance not just in playing technique but in interpretation, musical theory and music history which I lacked. I have been taking lessons with Steve for almost 3 years and I can say that Steve is not just an accomplished musician but he is also a  bonafide teacher and academic . He sprinkles our lessons with anecdotes and facts that bring the composers to life for me, makes analogies and comparisons that are illuminating and help me express in the music what I would have most definitely missed on my own. Many times he re-positions musical phrases I am struggling with in terms that suddenly make them clear and easier to play. He is able to help me make up for the limited piano theory I have had and still keep the joy of playing for me. I play for fun and relaxation and under his tutelage, I have successfully expanded my repertoire to pieces I would not have dared to attempt before.  I have been fortunate to have Steve teach my 7 year old daughter who is a beginning pianist. What I find most remarkable is that Steve's teaching has the same transformative impact on her and her level of playing. He is able to relate to her and make her lessons fun. I give my strongest recommendation for Steve as a music teacher to anyone. I say music and not piano, because I don't think i know all the instruments he can play yet!"  
-B.B. (Online Studio and Maryland Studio)

“When I asked my 10 year old son what he enjoys most about piano lessons, his response was that he has leaned more advanced music with Steve than he had previously. Steve’s talents go beyond his mastery of music and into the art of teaching. He is able to engage and connect to my son’s interests and abilities and adapt his lessons seamlessly.  We find virtual lessons to be convenient and effective.”

-Gina & Madden (Online Studio) 

"I like working with Mr Steve because he helps me improve my piano. We talk about the pieces and he tells me things that make it make more sense to me.  Then I can play it better. Mr Steve is a great teacher." 
-Sola (Maryland and Online Studio)

"Steve has been giving my daughter piano lessons over zoom for a couple of months now and he has been amazing!  It is evident how knowledgeable he is with music.  My daughter was able to learn her first song in only a few lessons and she gets excited to learn new things each coming week.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with a 6 year old learning piano remotely but Steve is very patient and personable which makes it easy for her to connect with him as he guides her.  We look forward to many more lessons and songs!"
-Jordan (Online Studio) 

​"I've had the privilege to learn from Mr. Crino as a beginner, and It's safe to say that his method of teaching is effective; since he can deconstruct new concepts into various ideas that can help any beginner understand a musical concept. Mr. Crino is very flexible in his teaching style, and as I continued to learn from him, there have been times where I've been discouraged about my lack of understanding of a topic but, Mr. Crino is very empathic to my situation, and would go out of his way to make sure I fully grasp a concept. Taking lessons from Mr. Crino has always been fun since he does incorporate a style of teaching where he uses analogies and references to help enhance an idea of a subject, making things more interesting. What I appreciate the most about Mr. Crino's way of teaching is whenever it is appropriate to advance on an understanding of a concept, Mr.Crino would go in-depth on a topic that is more advanced than what I already know, but that's what helps me grow and really inspires me. Overall, I'd recommend Mr. Crino to anyone wanting to learn a musical instrument that he's able to teach since he is a fantastic instructor and genuinely a nice person."

-Stephen (Maryland Studio)​​

As a teacher with a passion and extensive background in music theory and composition, my mission is to not only teach students how to play an instrument, but to give them the tools to understand music in general. This multifaceted approach allows students to take their general music knowledge with them to any instrument they may be interested in playing in the future. Because of this teaching style, I have had many students over the years who were able to begin learning a second instrument with ease. My teaching method also encourages students to explore multiple genres of music during their lessons, and provides the skills and confidence to write and improvise music on their instrument using the concepts from the lesson. I feel that this approach builds advanced and well-rounded students that enjoy the process of learning about music through their instrument of choice. 




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