for cello and vibraphone 

​Duration: 6'33"

Performed and recorded by the .abeceda new music ensemble

Cello: Urban Megušar 

Percussion: Jonas Evenstad

Arrangements for viola and vibraphone and cello/viola and piano are also available upon request. 

Drifting Scales is a single movement piece that explores the use of harmonic/melodic cycles and gradual process. The vibraphone part is built using an additive harmonic cycle. Each time the chords repeat, one new chord is added to the cycle. By the end of the composition, an 11-chord phrase is built. Except for the initial leap, the chords cascade down in stepwise motion creating long melodic scales. The duration of these chords gradually lengthens towards the center of the piece and then return to their original duration. Meanwhile, the cello part utilizes a 4-note cycle that gradually drifts lower and lower from the A to the C string. The speed of the cycles gradually increases towards the middle of the piece and returns to roughly its original duration by the end. Therefore, the relationship between the instruments is inspired by the image of a traditional scale gradually rebalancing. As one instrument's density increases, the other decreases.​

The piece was performed and recorded by the .abeceda new music ensemble as part of the precept.concept.percept summer workshop.