I HAVE HOPE (2018)


for combined choirs consisting of: 

Elementary School Choir (Treble Line)

Middle School Choir (SAT/B)

High School Choir (SATB)

Versions for SATB choir, and SA choir are also available upon request. 


Premiered at Guilderland High School, Guilderland NY

Conducted by Juan Diego Garcia Flores

​Duration: 5' 14"

‘I Have Hope’ was commissioned by the Guilderland High School, Directed by Rae Teeter, for the Guilderland 2018 Choral festival. The text was generated by the students of the Guilderland School District and arranged by Steven Crino. The students were asked to complete the sentence ‘I have hope when…’ In a world filled with obstacles and uncertainty, this piece offers an optimistic message of hope and reminds us of the impact we all can have on each other and the world at large. 

I Have Hope

It’s dark, and the sun goes down

And the stars come out, they flicker back at me,

When I see the skies,

I have hope.

When I hear the music I love,

And my own voice soars in the wind,

My heart is in the right place,

And I have hope.

When people stand strong together,

When we are there for each other,

When hate is replaced by love,

I have hope.

I see something special,

When I look around,

I have hope.