'I Have Hope' (2019) was commissioned by the Guilderland Central School District for their 2019 District Choral Festival. In a world filled with so much uncertainty, the Guilderland choral students were asked to respond to the sentence: 'I have hope when.' From these optimistic responses, the text was created for this piece. Acting as a finale to the choral festival, the piece features all of the Guilderland choirs, ranging from 5th grade to high school-aged singers. The composition first highlights the individual choirs and gradually combines them, culminating in roughly 800 students singing the words 'I have hope.' This represents how contagious the idea of hope can be, and reinforces why it is crucial to retain our hope regardless of how dire the circumstances become. The piece was premiered on May 22, 2019. 

Conductor: Dr. Jose Daniel Flores - Caraballos

Accompanist: Starr Norman

I Have Hope

S T E V E N  M.  C R I N O