S T E V E N  M.  C R I N O


‘Velvet Shoes’ was written for Casie Marie Girvin, and is intended to be part of a set of songs. I began the piece in 2016 and finished it one year later, after setting the work aside for several months. The piece sets to poetry of Elinor Wylie, and paints a scene of two people walking together through a quiet snow-covered town. Although this poem has been interpreted in many ways, it is clear that this simple walk though the snow is a metaphor for a greater journey to be taken with a significant person in one’s life. The piece was premiered at the H.E.R.E. Theatre in New York City by Casie Marie Girvin and Steven Crino as part of the Sparks and Wiry Cries 2017 Song Slam Competition, where the piece was awarded third prize. The work was recorded at the Peabody Conservatory with Roc Xu as the audio engineer. 

Casie Marie Girvin, soprano
Steven M. Crino, piano

 Let us walk in the white snow
In a soundless space;
With footsteps quiet and slow,
At a tranquil pace,
Under veils of white lace.
I shall go shod in silk,
And you in wool,
White as white cow's milk,
More beautiful
Than the breast of a gull.

We shall walk through the still town
In a windless peace;
We shall step upon white down,
Upon silver fleece,
Upon softer than these.
We shall walk in velvet shoes:
Wherever we go
Silence will fall like dews
On white silence below.
We shall walk in the snow.
                        Elinor Wylie

Velvet Shoes

A Rose